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PENDER COUNTY, North Carolina — When the owner of a small dog had to evacuate her North Carolina home due to flooding caused by Hurricane Florence, she had to leave her beloved pet behind.

The woman ended up in another city but reached out to the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team — one of several groups who helped rescue animals following the flooding — to check on her dog.

The first two times rescuers went to the neighborhood, they couldn’t locate the house because the water was so high. But the third time ended up being the charm.

A video posted to YouTube, showed two rescuers from the group swim up to the house and reach a door that was just a few inches above water.

They kicked in the door and found the dog, named Soshe, floating on a couch.

One rescuer grabbed the dog and they took him to safety.

He quickly devoured a bowl of food — likely his first in a week — and then they cleaned him and dried him.

Soshe’s owner asked her cousin to pick the dog up. She thanked the rescuers for their work.

“I want to thank the Humane Society so much for doing all that they’ve done for everybody during the storm and for rescuing all the animals and  making sure that Soshe is okay,” she said.