YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WJW) – A puppy sustained grisly injuries after being dragged by a car going 35 mph with a rope around her neck for more than 100-yards, which is about the length of a football field.

“There was blood splatter throughout the street and drag marks of blood going down the street,” said Jane Macmurchi, Operations Director at Animal Charity of Ohio Humane Society. 

Witnesses reported the horrific scene on Jacobs Road in Youngstown to local police over the weekend, who then called Humane Officers with Animal Charity of Ohio.

They quickly responded with medical personnel and rescued the 1 to 2-year-old mixed puppy named Oreo.

“She’s extremely gentle. The moment the agent picked her up, you almost could feel that she knew she was safe. She immediately started kissing her face and she was whimpering on the ride back,” said Macmurchi.

Although she looks OK at a glance, Oreo’s wounds are serious and significant.

Every muscle in her body is bruised, stiff and sore and she has scrapes on her chest and face, but her paws sustained the most damage.

Macmurchi says Oreo has broken bones in all four paws, missing nails and other extremely painful wounds. 

“There was so much rock and debris that went up under her skin and degloved, which means the skin wasn’t attached anymore, it was sitting on top that,” said Macmurchi.

Caregivers at the shelter must carry her outside to use the bathroom and check on her around the clock to make sure she doesn’t develop an infection.

“We’re monitoring her every 12 hours, getting those wounds cleaned, debrided and checked, and she is medicated because she is struggling to walk right now.”

Animal cruelty charges are expected to be filed as soon as this week against Oreo’s owner, who police say was driving the car.

However, it will take several weeks if not longer for Oreo’s wounds to heal before she can be placed in a happy, safe forever home. 

Despite the horrific abuse Oreo endured, the medical staff says she is still wagging her tail and wants to be held.

This comes at a time when the shelter is overwhelmed with dozens of other abused and “tortured” rescued dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

“Animal Charity of Ohio is facing a crisis because of the abuse in this county (Mahoning),” said Macmurchi.

The shelter is asking for donations to help care for Oreo and the other rescued animals that all need special care and hopefully eventually can find forever homes too.

You can donate here.

They’re also asking people to please not call for updates. Rather, check out their Facebook page so that the phone lines can remain open for other emergencies.

“Thank you to the people who saw Oreo being dragged down the street, turned around and stopped them,” Mackmurchi said in an update. “Her life was saved because you cared. Oreo most likely would’ve died from her injuries or infection if you hadn’t been there to stop them and call YPD.”