CLEVELAND (WJW) — A sweet, adoptable pup named Bonnie, who visited FOX 8’s morning show last week, stole the heart of anchor Stefani Schaefer and now has a new home.

“I fell in love with her,” Stefani said while announcing her new family member on air Monday. “She’s kissing me so I think she loved me. I think the moment that I did snuggle her and grab that little face is when I knew. She is now my baby.”

Exactly one week ago on Monday, Stefani interviewed foster volunteers from Golden Treasures Rescue, who welcome golden retrievers into their homes providing veterinary care, foster homes and permanent new homes for golden retrievers in the Ohio area.

After going through the adoption process, Stefani brought the 8-month-old golden retriever home on Friday.

“The group is in desperate need for more fosters and of course even eventually people to adopt them,” Stefani said.

The pup was a surprise to Stefani’s family, who didn’t know Stefani was doing paper work.

“My daughter came home this weekend from Los Angeles,” she said. “They didn’t know. I was keeping it a secret last week when I was going through the adoption process, the interviews and application.”

She said the organization gave her a treasure.

“I am so in love with this dog already,” Stefani said. “She has given me so much love and comfort and has truly in three days healed my heart from losing my Gunner, from everything else in the last few years and being an empty nester.”

Find out more about Golden Treasures Rescue here.