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SPRING HILL, Florida — A Florida woman is creating waves of controversy because of her desire for a vaginal birth, despite having caesareans with her first four children.

Lisa Epsteen told the Tampa Bay Times that she chose her doctor carefully because she believed he’d be an advocate for her high-risk pregnancy.

But after an alarming ultrasound, and more than a week past her due date, her physician’s feelings changed.

“I am deeply concerned that you are contributing to a very high probability that your fetus will die or your child will incur brain damage if born alive. At this time, you must come in for delivery,” Dr. Jerry Yankowitz wrote to Epsteen.

“I would hate to move to the most extreme option, which is having law enforcement pick you up at your home and bring you in, but you are leaving the providers of USF/TGH no choice,” Yankowitz continued.

The email angered Epsteen, who sought help from advocacy groups.

After receiving a call from Epsteen’s lawyer, Yankowitz backed off.

Epsteen agreed to have the c-section a few days later.

Was it right for the doctor to threaten police on the mother?

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