NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (WJW) — A Northeast Ohio woman is trying to solve a mystery that began to unfold after she bought a suitcase at a local thrift store.

Amanda Skyrm of North Royalton said her daughter wanted luggage as a gift for Christmas. Skyrm was able to find a bargain on a gently used suitcase at the Goodwill Store along Pearl Road in Strongsville.

Skyrm was looking through the suitcase and inside one of the pockets, she found a small family album that contained a series of black and white photos.

“Probably something that got stuck in there by accident that didn’t need to be in there, is what I was thinking, and somebody might be looking for it,” she said.

The photos appear to be from the 1950s or early 1960s, and show a couple holding a baby in front of a Christmas tree, posing with other family members, and one of the woman holding the baby. There are also photos of an older man and woman and another of four children sitting on a couch with a cat and a dog.

“I showed them to my mom and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, that looks just like quintessential 50s photos, with the wallpaper and the poses and stuff,'” Skyrm told us.

Skyrm said she feels obligated to find the family to whom the photos belong and return the album.

“I just thought if it was me, if it was my family, my parents or grandparents, I’d want the pictures back if I could. I’d feel bad if I left them in there by accident,” she said.

The employees at Goodwill would like to help solve the mystery, but unfortunately the organization does not keep permanent records on the people who donate items, like the suitcase.

Skyrm suspects surviving members of the family shown in the photos are from the surrounding area and she feels it would be a nice surprise if she could return the collection of memories for the holidays.

“If somebody is looking for it, I’d be happy to do that,” she said.

If you can identify the family shown in the photos, please email us at and we will pass along your contact information.