(WJW) – It may not come as a surprise that the most popular car colors in the U.S. are black and white.

A recent analysis of more than six million vehicles by ISeeCars.com found more than 25% of the cars on the road are white. Almost just as many are black (22.3%)

And while Ohio follows that national trend with the majority of vehicles being black, the study did find that Ohio is among the ‘most colorful’ states in the country, and cities in Northeast Ohio also enjoy a colorful paint option.

The analysis found that almost 25% (24.6%) of the vehicles on Ohio roadways are a color that’s outside of the black/white/grayish family.

The Cleveland/Akron/Canton also made the list of cities in the nation with the ‘most colorful’ vehicles. Our area ranked 5 on the list with the most popular ‘color’ being blue.

Cincinnati ranked 6 among the ‘most colorful’ cities, and Columbus ranked 10.