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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Do you believe in angels?

According to an Associated Press survey, 77% of Americans think angels are real, including an Ohio pastor who insists an angel saved him from a horrific accident.

“No one should’ve been able to touch the car,” said Pastor John Boston, “I shouldn’t have survived.”

The young husband and father was driving on Airport Rd in Columbus, Ohio in April 2015 when another car crossed the center line and came barreling toward him.

Pastor Boston swerved to miss the vehicle and struck a utility pole, sending a live transformer crashing onto his car.

Immediately the metal and glass began to buckle on the intense heat from thousands of volts of electricity.

“The windshield was melting,” said Pastor Boston, “The passenger window was folding into the car.”

Boston, who had recently accepted a position with Central Seventh Day Adventist church and moved to the city with his wife Carla and their young 4-year-old daughter Riley, was trapped inside the burning car.

He says the seat-belt was stuck and door wouldn’t open.

That’s when a “scruffy looking” stranger came out of nowhere and he says, easily opened the smashed door.

He says the man removed him from the car and walked him 20 yards away from the vehicle to safety, just before it exploded in flames.

“He said my name is Johnny, the police are almost here and I can’t be here when they get here but you’re gonna be okay,” said Pastor Boston. “And then the man was gone.”

First responders arrived and rushed Pastor Boston to the Grant Medical Center where he was treated for what turned out to be only minor injuries and questioned him about the mysterious man.

He says people tried to rationalize the situation and thought maybe the circuit breaker tripped and Johnny fled because of sketchy past.

However, even firefighters say there are some aspects of what happened that defy logic, reason and science.

Veteran Columbus firefighters told Fox 8’s Suzanne Stratford that no one should’ve been able to “touch” or “walk” away from a car with a live transformer on top of it.

“It’s like a fireworks show,” added Lt. Garey Borgan,

The circuit breaker could’ve tripped but J.D. Vasbinder CFD explains that they’re designed to immediately reset themselves and electricity was still coursing through the car when help arrived on scene.

Additionally, the power company said the area never lost electricity.

“With a transformer on the car,” said Vasbinder. “That’s probably one of the worst runs we could roll up on.”

Both Lt. Borgan and Vasbinder said rescuing a person from that type of scenario is extremely complicated.

“The person that touches that car…he’s the ground,” said Vasbinder, “You have to jump away from the vehicle and shuffle your feet, but even that’s risky.”

Yet in John’s case both he and the unknown good Samaritan were unharmed.

Lt. Borgan said, “I like to believe miracles happen and it seems like one of those here.”

“It gives me goosebumps,” added J.D. Vasbinder.

Based on everything that happened Pastor Boston believes his rescuer had to be an angel.

He decided to share his story publicly in hopes of inspiring others who may have lost faith.

The experience has dramatically changed his life.  He says he is more determined to serve his city and help as many people as possible.  After months of physical therapy, he and his congregation have increased efforts to feed the hungry and they’re currently organizing a large mission’s trip to Haiti.

Pastor Boston believes that people may not be able to “walk up to a burning car” or “run into a burning building,” but they can all positively impact others.

We can all be angels to everyone through simple acts of kindness, generosity and love.

“I don’t think angels come to us with wings and white robes shining lights I think they come as help and that’s what I had that day,” said Pastor Boston.