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*Warning: Some of the details in this story are extremely disturbing*

NEW ORLEANS (AP/WJW) — Authorities investigating the disappearance of a woman who was reported missing found a headless human torso in a freezer that was inside an old bus parked beside a home in New Orleans.

Residents say police were in the neighborhood Sunday, Jan. 9, asking if they smelled anything.

Officers returned Tuesday, Jan. 11, with a search warrant for a house where a bus covered in graffiti was parked outside.

Our sister station, WGNO, reports that officers found the torso of a woman inside a freezer on the bus.

According to court documents obtained by WGNO, investigators also found a saw that appeared to have pieces of flesh on the blade. Our sister station also reports that, according to the documents, a meth lab, along with the ID and credit cards of the missing woman were found.

A man who lived at the home, identified as Benjamin Beale, 34, was arrested on a charge of obstruction of justice of a death investigation. He’s also facing weapons and drug charges.

Police said Beale has refused to provide a statement to them.