BEREA, Ohio (WJW) — There are changes to a local school’s commencement after the district reported families making counterfeit tickets to the event.

“I’m shocked. It’s affecting our family tremendously,” said Lacresha Aaron, parent.

Parents of graduates in the Berea City School District reacted to the news Wednesday that the district switched from paper tickets to electronic tickets for its upcoming commencement.

The change came after the district reported families “producing” counterfeit tickets for the event, which was changed to Saturday morning.

“It’s devastating to her because she isn’t going to have all the support. Just me, her father, stepfather, sister and brother are going,” said Aaron.

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According to senior Sanaa Hawkins, each graduating student was limited to seven tickets for the ceremony that was set up outside this year.

“I know that I have a lot of family who want to be here who can’t be here. And now I have to pick and choose who I want to give tickets to,” said Hawkins.

FOX 8 reached out to the Berea City School District who said after they were made aware of counterfeit tickets so they made the proactive switch from paper to digital tickets.

The district went on to say in a statement, “the switch was to ensure all of our graduates are allotted the proper amount of seating for their family members.”

The ceremony was supposed to be Thursday night but the district announced they moved it to Saturday morning due to the rain that is expected.