CLEVELAND (WJW) – Authorities are trying to identify a hit and run driver who ran down a teen trying to cross a city street.

It happened at 1:51 p.m. on Saturday as an 18-year-old Cleveland woman was crossing Broadview Road near Valley Road in the city’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood.

Video from a nearby surveillance camera shows a car making a left-hand turn onto Broadview Road and plowing into the victim as she was nearly halfway across the crosswalk.

The video shows the victim being tossed up in the air and landing hard on the pavement.

The driver never stopped and simply sped away.

“He just blatantly disregarded her life. To hit someone and not care about their life, whether they are OK or not, is just ridiculous to me. It just means that something isn’t all the way there,” the victim’s mother, Angelique Smith, told FOX 8.

Smith says her daughter was on her way to a friend’s house at the time of incident.

While the video shows the teen glancing down at her phone, she told her mother that she is sure that she had the right of way in the crosswalk.

She was treated for her injuries and later released.

“She has a concussion, she has an ankle sprain, a few bruises on her body,” said Smith.

But it could have been much worse as it appears her backpack saved the 18-year-old from slamming her head on the pavement.

“Luckily she was going to her friend’s house and packed some clothes because if it wasn’t for her backpack, it would be a while different story right now and we’ll be in the hospital probably still,” said Smith.

The hit and run vehicle appears to be an older model red or burgundy Toyota.

What stands out about the car are aftermarket parts, which appear to include a replacement hood and front driver’s side quarter panel.

Those who have seen the video speculate that the driver, who appears to have glasses and a beard, may have a reason to run, instead of stopping to check on the victim and waiting for police to arrive.

The family of the victim is hoping the video will lead investigators to the driver’s front door. 

“I just hope that he goes to jail or gets some type of punishment, and I hope that whatever God he serves, that he finds peace with the Lord because that was ridiculous for him not to care,” said her mother.

Anyone with information the hit and run driver or his car is asked to call Cleveland police or Crime Stoppers.