RALEIGH, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Tracey Howard uses these words to describe the 15-year-old gunman who police say killed Howard’s wife.

“Not a person. How could you do that to another person, how could one person do that to another person?” asked Howard.

Howard found his 52-year-old wife, Nicole Connors, shot dead on their front porch with her dog, Sami, at her feet.

“She had multiple gunshot wounds, she was shot with a shotgun, neck, hip area, her legs, stomach,” said Howard.

Howard says the 15-year-old also killed Sami.

Police say the teenage gunman went on a rampage in his own neighborhood Thursday night in Raleigh, killing five people, including an off-duty Raleigh police officer who was on his way to work.

Investigators say the suspect also shot two others, a K-9 police officer and Howard’s neighbor.

“Just can’t believe it was him especially, a 15-year-old with a shotgun.”

Howard is overwhelmed with grief.

“I’m talking in a daze right now. Nothing seems real. I can’t describe it. I’m just not myself.”

He says he can’t stay in the neighborhood.

“How can I? I can’t live next to this man,” said Howard, who lives two doors down from the suspected 15-year-old gunman.

The love of Howard’s life was taken from him.

“She was just a kind person, a good person. She didn’t deserve anything like this, no one does really, but she was a good person, she took good care of me, she took care of her family.”