CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Dick Goddard Animal Protective League Telethon is on Thursday, working to raise mont for the APL and all the great work it does for animals.

Starting on Fox 8 News in the morning at 6 a.m., the telethon will run until 6:30 p.m. in an effort to raise funds both on air and online. This fundraiser is very important to the mission of the APL as it continues to take on a bigger role in protecting companion animals and serving our community.

Every animal deserves a chance for a happy home from a very rambunctious kitten that’s ready to play, to a kitten that had a hard start to life.

“Karras came to us. It was found abandoned in a home and was so flea-infested you couldn’t see the skin. It was just black and flaking off,” Veterinarian Dr. Allison Lash said.

From blood transfusions, emergency surgeries, dental work and spay and neuter services, the operating rooms at the APL offices on Wiley Avenue are busy every day.

With your help, they’ll do whatever it takes to give an animal a chance at a good home.

“Years and years ago if the resources weren’t there many of these animals wouldn’t have had a second chance and now we’re so fortunate to have our pharmacy full of what we need our surgeries ready to go and the staffing that we need it’s critical to do what these animals need when they walk through our door,” Dr. Lash said.

Before a dog, cat, rabbit, bird or any of the animals walks out the door, a lot of things have to happen.

First is the medical examination. They will also get a freshly washed bed and a warm blanket along with a kennel with enough room to walk around or an open space to climb and hide. Animals get good trimming and a bath to make sure that their fur is cared for.

They also need a chance to learn how to be around people, so staffers are constantly training dogs to be sociable and obey commands.

“We will always be here to find homeless animals new homes. I think what people are learning more about is the preventive and proactive work we are doing to try to keep animals from losing their homes,” Cleveland APL Director Sharon Harvey said.

In 2022, more than 15,000 animals passed through the doors of the APL for many different services. From laid-back cats to boisterous dogs, snakes, goats, birds and rabbits, the APL see many pets.

Last year, 1,800 animals were taken in as part of humane investigations, and many others were surrendered by owners who couldn’t care for them anymore.

That’s also a growing part of the APL‘s mission serving as a community hub.

“We are more than an animal shelter, we’re a resource to the community and we want our community to start viewing us as that resource,” Harvey said.

With all the services it provides, the APL‘s budget has tripled and it’s those generous gifts from community partners like you that keep its work going.

The Dick Goddard APL Telethon will help the APL continue its mission of providing cutting-edge care and adoption services.

“They each have a story and we’re here to take care of each individual animal based on what their story is and give them a happily ever after,” Harvey said.