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XENIA, Ohio (WJW) — A special animal organization in Columbus is literally providing ‘inspiration’ during this pandemic.

4 Paws for Ability is a non-profit organization that places service dogs with children and veterans with disabilities. On March 30, they welcomed a new litter of pups into their family: the “Inspiration Litter.”

**Watch a LIVE interview with the puppies and their trainer at the bottom of this page**

They were named after inspirational people or themes during this coronavirus pandemic. Their names are:

— DeWine
— Flexibility
— Solidarity
— Foster
— Responder
— Acton
— Unity
— Essential
— Altra
— Amy

The puppies were born to Aliss and Bodhi. It was Aliss’ first litter. They just recently started opening their eyes. Now, they’ll be introduced to different textures like plastic, tile and hardwood flooring. They’ll also be introduced to new smells, like different dog foods.

They also are getting used to the feeling of a paper towel on their backs; this will prepare them for a vest in the future.

4 Paws for Ability places over 100 service dogs per year worldwide.