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LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) — A use of deadly force investigation is underway, after Lorain police shot and killed a man Friday morning.

The peace and calm of a quiet neighborhood on Meister Road was shattered by the violent confrontation between officers and 49-year-old Christopher Boggess.

Investigators say Boggess pulled a gun from his pocket, and was raising the weapon when the officers opened fire outside the leasing office at the Evergreen Village Townhomes.

Witness Eddie Maldonado told Fox 8, “The officers screamed first and then there was a pop, pop, pop, immediately right afterwards. There was some commotion, the officers then went back to the vehicle, got some supplies in my opinion and went back to see what they could do for the guy.”

Boggess was taken by life squad to MercyHealth in Lorain, where he was pronounced dead.

Police say it appears Christopher Boggess was deeply troubled and had been driving around the city firing his gun and pointing the weapon at a number of people.

One of the people that Boggess targeted followed him on Friday morning and told police that he was outside the leasing office.

Witnesses say Christopher Boggess sealed his own fate Friday morning when he was confronted by the officers. 

“You draw on the cops, the cops are always going to fire back, so that’s the problem these days. I’m all about keeping your hands up and showing what’s in your hands, not hiding them,” said Eddie Maldonado.

Investigators say Christopher Boggess showed up at Lorain City Hall on Thursday and requested several reports at the police department.

Witnesses say Boggess became agitated and threatened officers stationed at the security checkpoint that all visitors are required to pass through before entering city hall or the police department.

Boggess fled before police could place him under arrest.

Investigators say in addition to the handgun that Boggess was armed with, a rifle was found inside his car, and those who know Boggess told police he intended to shoot up city hall or a neighborhood in the city.

The use of deadly force that authorities believe may have prevented a greater loss of life has shaken long time residents like Belva Dillon.

The 90-year-old has lived on Meister Road since 1968 and told Fox 8, “I just don’t like this kind of stuff, it’s not peaceful and it’s got to be that way. This neighborhood has always been good. What happened is awful, it’s terrible.”

The three officers involved in the deadly shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.