CLEVELAND (WJW) –  A 104-page transcript of a May 13 deposition of Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson reveals the 26-year-old denied doing anything to make a massage therapist cry.

He did state the therapist had “watery eyes” after the session and he texted her and apologized.

According to the transcript of the deposition obtained by the FOX 8 I-Team, the text stated “Sorry about you feeling uncomfortable. Never were the intentions. Let me know if you want to work in the future. My apologies.”

In that May 13 deposition, Watson said the therapist, Ashley Solis, ended the session and he didn’t know why.  

“And then I was, ‘All right, that’s fine,’ and then she walked out and like I said, I got dressed. And that was that. So it wasn’t — I wasn’t thinking too much of it,” Watson stated in the deposition.

He was then asked if therapist was crying and he said, “no.”

Attorney Maria Holmes, of the Buzbee law firm, who was at the deposition, asked Watson if he sent the apology text to Solis because of the way he acted during session.

“I didn’t act no way,” Watson responded. “I didn’t act no way. So, like I said, my apologies. Whatever she was feeling, I’m always — I’m that type of person. I’m a very genuine and lovey person. So, when a person feels some type of way, my apologies. I didn’t mean – that wasn’t my intentions, like I said, in the text message.”

Solis alleges that sexual misconduct happened during the massage session and she ended the appointment abruptly.

“Could you tell the face of horror that she had?” Holmes asked.

Watson said he did not notice that Solis was upset when she ended the session.

“No, I didn’t tell – you couldn’t tell anything. It was normal. She didn’t start coming back in with a different face until she walked back inside and I was already dressed. And then that’s where the communication was like, ‘Okay. What’s going on?’ That’s when it was noticed. She was never crying during the massage session, no.”

Solis is one of 22 plaintiffs suing Watson, alleging sexual misconduct. Watson faces no criminal charges. Two grand juries declined to indict him on any charges.

According to the deposition, Holmes also asked if Watson is saying all 22 plaintiffs are lying about the allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

“I’ve never had any sexual misconduct with any of these women,” Watson said. “I done told you before multiple times from day one I received the lawsuit. I never assaulted, I never harassed, I never disrespected, I never touched. No woman ever touched me or nothing like that, what these women are alleging that actually happened.”

Holmes then asked, “So all, you would say all 22 plaintiffs are lying?”

Watson said he is not “calling them any names.”

He also stated in the deposition that it’s been months since his last massage.

“Like I said, in the past year, I think I told you guys in another depo, I haven’t gotten a massage since because of all this,” Watson said.

Watson was also asked if he felt he has the ability to ruin Solis’ reputation and her massage therapy business.

“I’m not trying to ruin anything with her with what she’s doing,” Watson stated. “She has the ability to ruin mine, though, for sure.”