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CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I-Team obtained video excerpts from some of the depositions Browns Star Quarterback Deshaun Watson gave as he answered questions relating to 22 lawsuits filed from women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

The 22 women were strangers Watson met through social media. He said he reached out to them for massages.

The FOX 8 I-Team obtained excerpts of two of the depositions Monday. These two depositions deal with two of the women who filed lawsuits.

Watson was asked if he sought out a massage from one of the women because he thought she was attractive.

“I can’t answer that,” Watson said. “I have a girlfriend, so that wasn’t my intention.”

He told the attorney, who was asking him questions, that he just wanted a massage. When asked if the woman was licensed or trained, Watson said he was not sure.

Last week, the Browns introduced Watson as their new start quarterback. Watson stated at the press conference that he denies the allegations and it is not his intent to settle the suits. He said he wants to clear his name.

The lawsuits were all filed in Texas when Watson played for the Texans.

Watson was asked during the depositions if the Texans knew about his meetings with the women to get massages and he said they did not.

Two grand juries have decided Watson should not face any criminal charges. His attorneys have told the I-Team that Watson did not violate any criminal laws.

In the deposition, Watson also faced questions about driving about 30 minutes out of town for a massage and bringing his own towel. The attorney asked if he thought that was a little “bit weird.”

“It is what it is,” Watson said.

In light of the new video, we’ve reached out once more to the Browns, Watson’s lawyers and the attorney representing the accusers for any new comment.

Attorney Rusty Hardin, one of the attorneys representing Watson, said they heard from numerous massage therapists who also worked with Watson in the past and said he never did anything inappropriate.

Hardin has stressed that Watson did not violate any laws.