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CANTON, Ohio — A beautiful act of kindness means a man in Canton will have a reliable way to get to work.

Stark County Sheriff’s deputies stopped at 38th St. at Whipple Ave. on Sunday to check on someone who appeared to be working on an old, rusted bicycle.

The man, Shavon Newman, explained to deputies that he used the bike to get to work every day at the Golden Corral in Jackson Township.

Shavon’s bike could not be repaired, so deputies gave him a ride home so he wouldn’t have to walk the whole way.

The sheriff’s office said when other deputies heard the story of young Shavon, it touched their hearts.

So, on Monday, several deputies went to Shavon’s home and gave him a brand new bike.

“Seeing the excitement in Shavon’s face as he tried out his new bike proved to us all that if anyone was deserving of this small token of kindness he was truly the one,” the Stark County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.