AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – The University of Akron is the latest campus to bring food delivery robots to its campus.

Rolling through the streets on their first day of work, 10 Starship Technology robots.

Their only mission: deliver delicious food to hungry college students.

“So, it’s a 6 wheeled robot. So, these things look like small, white coolers and they can drive 99 percent autonomously.”

That is a quote from Joe Maloney, who works for Starship Technology.

He calls their invention a perfect fit for any college.

“They are very walkable, and our robots are almost considered pedestrians. So, they use all sidewalks and stop at cross walks. So, college campuses are just built perfectly,” added Maloney.

How this works is simple.

Students just download the company’s app, order the food from a selection of restaurants on campus and then give the robot a location to drop off the order.

“So, the only time the robot is unlocked is when it is being actively unloaded or loaded. The rest of the time, it’s locked.”

Some might wonder why this is necessary.

Maloney has a rebuttal:

“We are really just here to bring some added convenience to everyone.”

Regardless, these robots are here to stay at the University of Akron.

They come in peace and with whatever food you crave.