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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio–  A jury came back with a not guilty verdict Friday evening in the trial of a Cleveland police supervisor. They had to decide whether or not the Cleveland police sergeant violated the law during a 2012 police chase.

The prosecution in the case against Cleveland Police Sgt. Patricia Coleman rested Wednesday and the defense presented their side on Friday before closing arguments.

Attorney Kevin Spellacy, who represents Coleman, had asked the judge to dismiss the case stating none of the 16 witnesses the prosecution presented said Coleman did anything wrong.

East Cleveland Judge William Dawson disagreed and ruled against the dismissal.

Coleman had faced a charge of dereliction of duty in connection with the chase that ended in East Cleveland with two unarmed suspects being killed. There were nearly 100 police officers involved in the chase.

Coleman is not one of the officers who fired shots at the suspects.

Spellacy also brought up that Hemmons dismissed three of the supervisors charges after they agreed to make a $2,500 donation to the East Cleveland law enforcement trust fund.

“It’s extortion,” Spellacy said.

Hemmons declined to comment on the matter.

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