CLIFTON, New Jersey (WJW) – A deer caused a wild accident when it jumped off an overpass and into the windshield of a car.

It happened during the morning commute last week in New Jersey.

According to NBC New York, the deer jumped from the overpass and landed on the car. The incident caused a multi-car crash.

“We started helping him wipe off, call the police,” witness Jasper Cordero told NBC.

“And when we backed my vehicle away and actually finally opened the door, a full-on deer was sitting underneath his steering wheel shaft,” Cordero said.

The doe did not survive.

“Out of nowhere — not like he hit something out of nowhere — it was literally, boom, there,” Cordero said. “I feel really bad for that guy. I can only imagine what a traumatic experience it is. If that deer would’ve been positioned in any other way, maybe the hoof’s in a different direction, that would’ve easily impaled him.”

The driver suffered only minor injuries.