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CLEVELAND– Letters and artwork by convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell are opening up old wounds for relatives of his victims.

Sowell is sending the artwork to a website, which, in turn, sells it to the public.

One piece of artwork drawn by Sowell appears to show the Grim Reaper standing behind eleven tombstones. Sowell is currently on death row, convicted of killing eleven women whose bodies were found in and around his Imperial Avenue home three years ago.

“If I was able to speak with the victims’ families about it, I would try to make them understand as well. It’s not something that I go out and actively promote,” said Paul Duffy of Pennsylvania, who purchased the photo from the website
Duffy says he is a fan of horror movies and true crime stories.

“It’s something that I get. I put in nice frames, museum quality frames and then I put in my movie theatre in my home. It’s something that I have a gallery for,” said Duffy.

“It opens it back up, cause I just shook my head in disbelief and just sat there in silence,” said Yvonne Williams-McNeil whose daughter, Tishana Culver, was one of Sowell’s eleven victims.

She can’t believe Sowell is able to send letters and artwork to a website, that then sells it to the public.

“It made me sick to the stomach. My heart just like, how can he even think about writing stuff like this, so I was upset when I just seen it,” McNeil said.

Sowell has sent several pieces of artwork to the Serial Killers Ink website.
He also sent them a letter, which reads in part, “First let me say that I give out artwork to you and others all the time. I’m not breaking any laws and I will keep on sending out letters, artwork and photos. I’m not being paid for them. They have nothing to do with my case and whatever people do with them is up to them.”

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty released a statement, which reads, “A convicted murderer should hot have access to computers, websites or email. Penitentiaries should severely restrict and monitor all access to the outside world.”

Eric Gein, who owns the website, told Fox 8,”The opinions and views expressed in Tony’s November 5th, 2012 letter are the sole opinions of Mr. Sowell and do not reflect the opinions or views of myself or anyone associated with Serial Killers Ink outside of Anthony Sowell. We are simply the messenger. We will continue to offer Tony a public forum where he is free to voice his opinions without spin or damnation if he so desires.”

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