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BRIMFIELD TWP., Ohio — A deaf puppy, found abandoned alongside Tallmadge Road near the border of Rootstown on Saturday, is being cared for at  “One of a Kind” pet rescue.

The puppy, a female, was inside a cardboard box, according to Brimfield Township police. Authorities say they believe the puppy was purchased by owners who did not realize it was deaf, and decided to dump her.

Brimfield Township police say they’ve been flooded with calls and emails about the pup Monday.

Police say an individual called dispatchers to ask if a deaf puppy had been found, and they had sold or given a deaf puppy to someone. They were mistakenly told the puppy was not deaf and they are urged to contact police again.

Police say the puppy is in good health and eating well.

“One of a Kind” has several dogs in need on any given day. Many of the puppies and dogs there have been abandoned and need loving homes.

If you are interested in adopting the “Brimfield Police” puppy, or any puppy, call “One of a Kind” at 330-865-6200 or check out their website here.

When the puppy is old enough, she will be spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed, prior to adoption.