‘Dead Giveaway’: Getting to Know The Real Charles Ramsey

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CLEVELAND- Rule number one about Charles Ramsey, he is much smarter than you think.

"Intelligence coming from something that doesn't look intelligent to people is frightening, and I like to scare the s*#$ out of people," said Ramsey.

Rule number two, don't call him Charles Ramsey.

"Cause if you call me Charles, you don't know me. If you call me Chuck, you know of me. Talking about the people that call me Charles, that's who this book is for."

The book Chuck is referring to is his own, "Dead Giveaway," the phrase that gained him international notoriety on May 6th, 2013, when he saw Amanda Berry trying to get out of the Seymour Avenue house. Chuck helped kick in the door so Amanda could escape.

"Not my finest work, but I'm proud of it," said Ramsey.

Charles was a hero. He had his own statue, his own burger, his own t-shirts, and interviews around the world. Now, one year removed from all the major press, Chuck says the guy you saw in the white t-shirt isn't necessarily who you think he is, the book should open your mind a bit.

"Tell the world who I really am. So when I see you, out in public, aw you're not what I thought you were, you're like me, I'm just like you."

That includes some dark times. Drugs, jail, a rough childhood.

"The black was literally almost beaten off me quite a few times," recalls Ramsey "I don't think you can whoop a kid that much, but my mother was going to take some black off of me."

Chuck says in the book that he was as much to blame, being the prankster that didn't know when to stop. It took a serious wake up call to get him off a path that wasn't going anywhere.

"You have to take yourself somewhere and say, 'You're a loser!' Now once you say it enough times to yourself, you'll either commit suicide or straighten up. That's what I did."

It could have all gone wrong again. That instant celebrity is intoxicating. It could have gone to his head, but he never let it.

"I don't accept it," said Charles talking about the free things people try to give him. "We go to Red Lobster, they say, we'll comp your dinner. No you won't. I appreciate it, that's all I want from you. I just appreciate you thinking about comping my meal."

He didn't take the money either. There was a $25,000 reward for finding the women. He never accepted it. He knows the women need it more than he does. Chuck lives a frugal life.

"My rent is $200, my paycheck is $800, I'm Pablo Escobar," joked Ramsey.

Chuck loves to laugh too. "I like to make other people laugh, because we don't do enough of it. "

Although he hasn't seen Amanda or Gina since that night on Seymour, he has seen Michelle.

"Me and Michelle, we go to the bowling corner alley and shoot pool. That girl is a inspiration."

Chuck was inspired by Michelle's courage, to go out and tell his own story. He says maybe it will break the stereotypes out there.

"I don't want to the world to think of me as some dude, that stumbled upon something, that learned a few big words in the course of his journey on life."

An intelligent human being, who did his part when the moment arrived. If Chuck Ramsey didn't notice that "Dead Giveaway," things might have turned out very different.

Note: Chuck's book "Dead Giveaway" is now for sale. CLICK here for more information

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