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LORAIN – Lorain Police have released cruiser dash cam video of a vicious dog attack, in which officers were forced to shoot both dogs back in October.

“The initial call was a woman who was walking home on West 29th Street and was attacked by two dogs,” said Officer Rick Broz with the Lorain Police Department.

Officer Broz was among several officers who responded after three women were injured in a series of dog attacks in that area.

“We formed a circle around them with our cars. One of the officers yelled at them and they actually tried to bite his car, the door of his car, that’s how aggressive these two dogs were,” said Broz.

Cruiser dash cam video captured the moment the two dogs attack a third woman who jumped onto another police car to escape them.

“Another officer jumped out of his car, ran away, yelled at them to look at him. They charged him so he fired off two shots,” said Broz.

One dog was killed. The other ran away.

And now the owner of both dog, Michael Kirkwood of Lorain, is facing charges.

Meantime, Officer Broz says this is the first time in the past year or so that police were forced to use deadly force on a dog.

“Almost a year ago, I formed a special unit within the department to handle the problem of stray and vicious dogs in Lorain. Now I respond to calls of vicious dogs, but also investigate animal abuse and neighborhood complaints,” said Officer Broz.