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BUFFALO, Ohio (WJW) — Following his big move to Buffalo after being released from the ICU at Cincinnati’s UC Medical Center Monday, Bills player Damar Hamlin is letting football fans know he’s still undergoing treatment.

“Not home quite just yet,” Hamlin tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “Still doing and passing a bunch of tests. Special thank you to [Buffalo General Medical Center/Gates Vascular Institute].”

After going into cardiac arrest during the early minutes of a Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals last week, the 24-year-old was able to talk and breathe on his own Friday, even walking around, doctors said.

“We want to ensure that each organ system is stable to improving and that he needs minimal amount of assistance in terms of intensive nursing,” said Dr. Timothy Pritts, chief of general surgery at UC Medical Center Monday.

As he continues to heal, Hamlin is asking for prayers.

“It’s been nothing but love since arrival! Keep me in y’all prayers please,” Hamlin said in the tweet.