CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio (WJW) – It was truly a needle in a haystack. What are the chances out of thousands of football cards that one kid in Cuyahoga Falls would buy just three boxes and find the one card that makes the angels sing?

On live video, he found an ultra-rare card of New England Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones, Rookie card one of one, and even though he has completely lost his mind at this point, Johnny Stone is a true collector and remembered to put the card in two protective sleeves immediately.

After all, it’s not every day you get $100,000 in your hands.

“The rarity and the player, there’s only one of them in the world and the player had the best stats for a rookie quarterback and his cards are worth the most right now.” Stone said.

Johnny and his dad Chad run Stones Sports Cards and Collectables as an eBay shop together and usually open boxes together, but this time he was on the road.

It’s an activity that’s fun and can be profitable, but its more than this. It’s a about a dad and son doing something together that they love.

“While we purchase cards, we take in our expenses. We open cards, we sell cards. I wanted him to learn all the ins and outs of a business and math is the most import thing to know and it was able to help us bond in a new way.” Chad said.

But when you’re a business’s man like Johnny, even though you get excited when you get something really good, they got to work selling this card.

It paid off with a collector buying the card for a cool $100,000.

Mom made him put it away, but some of the cash will go into buying more cards and perhaps a new gaming system and a lot of summer fun.

Cards will be a part of that fun, along with the thrill of being with his best bud, his dad.

The pair purchased the box of cards from Triple Play Vintage Sports Card Store in Cuyahoga Falls.

They also have an Instagram site with other cards that they’ve found. You can find them at @stones_sports_cardz.