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CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s busy season at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections as employees are preparing for early in-person voting and vote-by-mail voting, with safety measures now part of the equation due to COVID-19.

“We do have just one location which is 2925 Euclid Avenue,” said Director Anthony Perlatti.

He says they’re still misconceptions and questions from people about voting rules and the process, so they’re turning to social media to try and reach as many people as possible with accurate information.

Perlatti says they wanted to capitalize on the platform to help push messages out and will be holding an election update every Wednesday and Friday at noon, until further notice, on their Facebook Page.

“There are so many different aspects to the election and so what we thought is twice a week,” he says. “Just taking 10 minutes and focusing on one little aspect, we can go ahead and be a little bit more clear about it.”

Topics include their ballot dropbox, and vote-by-mail, and area in which Perlatti says there has been a tremendous change.

“Monday, four years ago 2016, we had about 13,000 applications at that point four years ago. Compared to Monday of this week this year, we were just over 221,000,” he says.

He hopes that will contribute to shorter lines at polling locations than in elections past but says lines could look longer with COVID-19 precautions in place.

“People, if they see a little bit of a line, they should not be deterred because again if people are standing six feet apart in line, and you know, six people that’s 36 feet already,” he says.

What won’t be long are the Facebook Live Election Updates, helping to make them a more digestible resource.

“We think that if it’s short, people might actually tune in and watch the whole process and we’re not droning on, we can have a compact message in that period of time,” he says.

People can contact the Board of Elections by phone, email or on their Facebook Page, including during the live updates.

You can get more information on voting and the upcoming election on their website here. 

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