Crowd Braves Rain to Hear Romney in NE Ohio

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio — For the second time this week, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a campaign stop in Northeast Ohio.  He also sat down one-on-one to speak about his vision for the future.

Thousands of people stood in a steady rain on Friday afternoon, waiting to hear from the man they hope will make President Barack Obama a one-term president.

Governor Romney held a campaign rally on the campus of Lake Erie College in Painesville.

“If you re-elect President Obama, you’re gonna see in this nation, chronic unemployment, no growth in take home pay and of course, fiscal crisis at the doorstep..  If you elect me, we’re gonna get 12 million new jobs and more take home pay,” Romney told the crowd while also standing in the rain.

Before the rally, Mitt Romney sat down with Fox 8 News reporter Kevin Freeman for a one-on-one interview.  He described President Obama’s foreign policies as weak, his economic policies as ineffective, and his record on jobs growth, dismal.

“Governor Kasich, as you know, any chance he gets, he touts the job growth in Ohio.  Do you think that runs counter to your message that Ohioans are not better off than they were four years ago?” Freeman asked.

“Governor Kasich pointed out that his job numbers would be substantially better if he had a team in Washington that was encouraging the same kind of policies he’s doing here, he’s balancing the budget and making Ohio more business-friendly,” responded Romney.

Fox 8 News asked Mitt Romney if he was concerned that some polls show President Obama ahead of him here in Ohio.

“If that was the only poll it might, but I also saw a poll that had us tied in Ohio and saw a national poll this morning with me ahead,” said Romney.

“We were promised a recovery and we haven’t seen that recovery yet,” Romney told the crowd at the rally.

People who attended the rally say braving the elements to hear Romney was well worth it.

“I think he’s our only hope… because if we have four more years of Obama, we won’t have a nation,” said Roaming Shores resident Jerry Rose.

“If somebody’s gonna vote for Obama, ask them why.  I was thinking that, I have a couple that I don’t want to be confrontational, but why would you vote for him?” said former Painesville resident Barbara Tierney.

“We’re gonna help the American people have a bright future.  Our kids are gonna love what you do today.  Thank you so very much… thank you,” Romney said while closing the rally.  Then he spent several minutes shaking hands and greeting people in the crowd.

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