MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – Determining how to solve the growing Medina deer population continues to be a point of contention.

About two weeks after a controversial crossbow and longbow hunting proposal in the city failed to pass a city council committee, it’s once again up for consideration, according to former Medina mayor and current Medina City Councilman Bill Lamb.

“Frankenstein came back to life and to me it’s a sad thing for the city,” said Lamb.

Lamb said his council committee spent three months analyzing the issue through special legislation, including hosting “standing room only” public comment on the issue.

However, an archery deer hunting proposal could be voted on anyway by city council in late August after a new request for city council to take action was submitted, according to the president of city council.

“It’s not really leapfrogging. This is more like pole vaulting,” said Lamb. “I have never seen a committee vote for something and vote it down and recommend something else and then have it go like the next week straight up to finance committee and then next council meeting for a vote.”

Lamb said there’s roughly 600 deer in the city.

Residents for and against the issue said safety remains an important consideration.

“I guess I’ve seen them wandering around neighborhoods, but I don’t want people wandering through my neighborhoods with a crossbow,” said Thomas Allen. “If it’s out in the woods like any hunting would be and that’s still technically within the Medina city limits, I’m fine with it.”

“I’ve used crossbows before and I don’t feel that they’re too big of a safety concern,” said Daniel Cooper.

City Council President John Coyne III said specific hunting locations have not been decided, but it would take place in locations determined by the police department.

“Right now, some, maybe not all the parks are safe,” said Coyne. “There are some areas in the city that would be safe… there are some areas of the city that have huge ravines between houses.”

Coyne said there is interest on city council of adopting both lethal and non-lethal options to decrease the number of deer in Medina.