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BREWSTER, OHIO  – Crews remain on scene of train derailment in Stark County that caused a fire and evacuations in the village of Brewster.

Right now, Brewster police say there is no serious threat to anyone however hazmat and EPA crews remain on scene.

The railroad company was on scene as well, but they still don’t know what caused the derailment yet.

The derailment happened earlier this evening in the area of First Street.

The accident sparked a fire between two train cars at the Wheeling and Lake Erie rail yard, one of which was carrying butane.

Because of the fumes and the threat of an explosion, Brewster police and fire evacuated people in a half to three-quarter mile of the derailment.

About 300 to 500 people were sent to Fairless high school as a precaution.

“When we went down our street, it seemed kind of calm, only one ambulance and cruiser.  And then within 5 minutes the whole street was lit up red and blue and they were asking us to be out in 20-30 minutes,” said Misty Spieker.

Marlon Kurtz added, “We were just sitting at home and then police cars told us to evacuate and go to the high school and wait for instruction.”

Ten fire departments, the Brewster police, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Stark County hazmat team, the EPA and the train company were all on scene.

The Red Cross was also at the high school to assist.