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What started as a simple hello blossomed into an unexpected friendship for an elderly man and a crane operator.

Shawn Beveridge of Ohio took to Facebook to write about how he met Harold.

He said while working at a construction site, he noticed a man in a wheelchair sitting outside a nursing home across the street. He seemed captivated by what was happening and continued to show up day after day, staying for hours at a time.

Shawn said he finally became curious about the man and went over to introduce himself.

It didn’t take long before he learned more about why Harold was so enamored with the work they were doing. He said that he used to be a crane operator but had to stop due to health issues. He also confessed that he was nearing the end of his life.

Shawn was so moved by their conversation that he made a promise. He told him that every day after work, he would sit with him for a while to get his take on how he did operating the crane. Harold happily obliged to the gesture.

Shawn said he’s glad he went over to say hi that day and feels good knowing he helped put a smile on Harold’s face.

He concluded his post by reminding others to always be kind to strangers.