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LAKEWOOD, Ohio – A coyote attack in Lakewood has claimed the life of a beloved family pet.

Rocco, a 13-year-old long-haired dachshund, was outside on Monday morning when he wandered away from his family’s Clifton Boulevard home. He was snatched by a coyote and carried away.

His owner ran after them, and the coyote did drop Rocco, but the pup’s injuries were too severe for him to survive the attack.

Lakewood police say this is one in a series of coyote attacks on small dogs in recent months. They think the coyotes are becoming more aggressive as they search for food.

Chief Timothy Malley says, “It’s difficult maybe finding smaller game of squirrels and rabbits that they normally get, makes them search out maybe smaller dogs and cats and things.”

Animal control officers are trying to be proactive about the problem and have placed traps in the areas the coyotes are known to frequent. Right now the city’s Edgewater neighborhood is one of those areas.

Malley’s advice:  “Certainly if you’re in the presence of a coyote, the recommendation is that you make noise, wave your arms and that is usually enough to scare the coyote away.”

Another piece of sound advice: keep your pets on their leashes whenever possible.