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NORWALK, Ohio– For Harley Belcher of Norwalk, taking care of his family is top priority, especially when using his primary mode of transportation, his bike, to transport this precious cargo: 1-year old daughter Kinsley.

“I don’t have a car or anything, so my bike is how I get around.”

Belcher, 22, rides his bike to and from his job, working the overnight shift stocking inventory at a Walmart about a mile away from his home.

But it was during his lunch break around 2 a.m. Monday, he noticed his bike was gone.

“And I’m like, where’s my bike? And then everything started going through my head, like that’s my life,” Belcher said.

After notifying his manager, Belcher said he filed a police report and walked home.

Later that day, he received a call from his manager, letting him know his coworkers stepped in to help. They raised more than $200 to replace his bike with a brand new one, with a trailer attached for his daughter.

Belcher said he’s grateful to receive this tremendous outpouring of support from his coworkers. He’s also shocked because before receiving this gift, he was just hired to work here, just two days ago.

FOX 8 cameras were rolling when Belcher thanked his coworkers, whom he’d never met in person. So why did they want to help a man they barely even know?

“We just kinda jumped into action. I got my department manager and she just arranged the whole thing for us,” Lisa Tucker said.

“Because that’s what family does for each other and here at Walmart, we believe in the family,” Amanda Ruhl said.

Family is what Belcher said his co-worker’s have become.

“For them to do something like that for me? It’s incredible,” Belcher said.

Norwalk police did end up finding the stolen bike, and the thief was charged and arrested.

Belcher said he did not have a lock for his old bike, but his new gifted bike came equipped with a very sturdy chain.