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CLEVELAND – While Cleveland police continue to ask questions in the 2013 unsolved murder of Aliza Sherman, her daughter filed documents in a civil case that create more questions concerning the death of the 53-year-old Cleveland Clinic nurse.

Sherman was murdered outside her attorney’s office in downtown Cleveland in March 2013.  She was stabbed.  No arrests have been made.

Sherman’s daughter filed a civil lawsuit in 2014 against her own father, Sanford Sherman, over an alleged hidden bank account.

As part of the civil suit, Jennifer Sherman asked for a protection order regarding where she would give a deposition. She said she is fearful to go to her father’s attorney’s office since her mother was stabbed outside of her lawyer’s office.

Attached to the filing are several documents, including notes attorneys say were written by Aliza Sherman a year before she was murdered.  In those notes, she stated, “I am really afraid he is going to have me killed. I am of sound mind, I just know him, his behavior is very odd, blank look, very scary.”

Another document is part of a deposition taken from one of Sanford Sherman’s longtime friends. It states that Sanford Sherman would often talk to his friend about his marital issues, and on several occasions, asked his friend if he was going to  commit a crime how would he do it.

When the attorney asked the friend if he was referring to murder, his friend replied yes.

“Pretty much the obvious. I think almost anybody would think of these,” the friend said in the deposition. “The fact that you don’t use your car or don’t let your car be seen, don’t use a gun because it could be heard, don’t use your street clothes, use something that would cover up your entire body, your face, your hands, don’t use a gun because it would make noise.”

But attorneys for Sanford Sherman filed documents, saying Jennifer Sherman’s motion is a “ruse designed to harass and embarrass defendant.”

Neither Sanford Sherman or his attorney could be reached to discuss the case.

Both sides were able to work out a location for Jennifer Sherman to give her deposition, so the motion for the protection order has been resolved. The civil case is still pending.

Sanford Sherman is not facing any criminal charge.

However, Aliza Sherman’s divorce attorney, Gregory Moore, is accused of lying to police during Sherman’s murder investigation.  He pleaded not guilty.

Aliza’s friends, Jan Lash, and Mary Feuer, said they are still waiting for answers.

“It’s very emotional,” Feuer said.

Sherman’s unsolved murder case is attracting attention from media around the nation.  The case will be featured on Crime Watch Tuesday right here on Fox 8 at 2 p.m.

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