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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The driver of a car in Tennessee didn’t realize there was an intoxicated man on the trunk of his car as he drove onto on interstate.

The intoxicated man didn’t know it either, it seems.

Carl Webb and his wife were leaving a festival Thursday night in downtown Memphis. They had backed their car into the parking space, and it was dark outside when they returned to the car. The  sunshade was stuck up, so they couldn’t see if anything – or anybody – was on the trunk of their Taurus.

But there was.

The couple headed onto I-55 and didn’t realize anything was wrong until the police stopped them and asked if they realized there was a “body on your trunk?”

Sure enough, there was an unconscious man passed out on the trunk area. The officer tried to wake him up, and he started to stumble into traffic, prompting the officer to grab him.

The police put the man in their cruiser, no word on if he has been charged with anything.

As for Carl Webb, he has a message for his “passenger:”

“I hope he takes a good look at where he put himself and the hazard that he had open up to himself. It would’ve been death.”