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SHELBY, Ohio — One couple is counting their blessings after they were caught in last Sunday’s tornado in Shelby.

Russell and Kelly Cushman sat down with FOX 8 to talk about the harrowing experience.

They had been driving when the tornado whipped through the area, tossing their car more than a football field away.

“We were tilted down in the car and I’m looking at the ground as we move and that’s when it kicks in and I thought we’re probably going to die,” Russell said.

He said the car must’ve rolled six times before finally coming to a stop in a muddy field. It was completely destroyed.

“When you go through something like that there’s this initial trauma. Oh my gosh we made it, but we don’t know what’s coming next. So you don’t know if anybody else was injured or hurt. Thank God that our friends and family out here we’re okay,” Kelly said.

The couple somehow walked away with just minor injuries.

Russell, who is a pastor, said they’re extremely grateful and are glad other lives were spared that night as well.

“We get to be in the midst of a miracle, but also that miracle continues hours and hours afterwards with the nurses and the first responders. It was great to see Shelby be that strong,” he said.

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