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Another kiss cam video has gone viral.

The video was taken at the Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics game Saturday at the United Center.

It’s not been confirmed if the video was genuine or part of a marketing stunt. Either way, the video is hilarious.

It shows a fight between a girlfriend and boyfriend, when the boyfriend wouldn’t get off the phone to kiss her when the camera panned in on them.

The girlfriend even slaps him. Then, Benny the Bull rushes in and sweeps the girl off her feet while the audience applauds.

Last week, a video was posted to VINE showing a six-second clip of another male and female.

At first, it appeared that the girl looked guilty about something when she realized she was camera. The video caption read “When you’re at the game with your side dude and realize you’re on TV.”

Turns out the two were actually boyfriend and girlfriend. To watch that video, click here.