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COLD SPRING HARBOR, NY (WJW) — Researchers in New York have launched a new clinical trial to determine if famotidine, better known as Pepcid, can help treat COVID-19.

Pepcid is an over-the-counter medication often used for heartburn relief and stomach ulcers.

According to a press release, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research are actively recruiting COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms for the virtual study.

“From the comfort of these patients’ own homes, we are taking the traditional clinical trial completely digital to study the efficacy and safety of a potential COVID-19 therapy,” said Dr. Tobias Janowitz, a medical oncologist. “From assessment to enrollment and daily data collection, we hope this study’s model will be an example for future clinical trials and will provide high-quality data as we assess candidate treatments, like famotidine, to curb this disease.”

Currently, only residents from greater New York can take part in the clinical trial.