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(Photo Credit: Costco)

Brides and grooms to be that don’t like cake now have another option: cheese!

Costco now offers a five-tiered wedding cake made entirely of cheese for $439.99. That’s 24 pounds of artisan cheese that serves between 105 and 150 people.

According to Costco’s website, the Cheese Lover Celebration Cake includes the following cheeses:

— Eight pounds of Red Leicester, which is similar to an English cheddar. It has a sweet, medium-strong flavor and crumbly texture.
— Seven pounds of Danish Blue, which is described as subtle and tangy with a mild bleu cheese flavor.
— Five pounds of Murcia al Vino, a drunken goat cheese that is immersed in local Murcia wine while it’s being made.
— Three pounds of Tuscan Sheep’s Cheese: A traditional Tuscan sheep’s milk cheese that’s cured and aged. Described as semi-firm, slightly sharp and nutty.
— Seventeen ounces of Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie: A triple cream brie with a soft velvety texture and creamy flavor.

The cake does come unassembled and has some instructions:

“Upon receiving your shipment, open the box and remove all of the cheese. Immediately transfer the wrapped cheese wheels into refrigeration until you are ready to use and assemble.  When you are ready to assemble, take the cheese out of refrigeration, unwrap it and start stacking with the largest wheel on the bottom and end with the smallest on top. Decorate with décor of your choice (flowers and décor are not included).”

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