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ELYRIA, Ohio – A corrections officer is facing an assault charge after he is allegedly caught on surveillance video beating an 18-year-old inmate at the Lorain County Corrections Facility.

The video, released by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, shows the officer, identified as Marlon Taylor, 48, attacking and repeatedly punching inmate Jordan Sand, 18.

“He hit me 14 times,” Sand said.

The video shows the two arguing, and then the officer throws Sand against the wall, where he punches him several times before Sand falls to the floor. The officer then continues to punch Sand as he is on the ground, until other officers intervene.

“I thought that he body-slammed me at first, but then when I seen the video I didn’t realize that when I hit the wall I got knocked out,” Sand said.

Sand, who was jailed for stealing, does not fight the officer back and tries to shield his body from the hail of blows. But Sand said it was not the July 29 beating that hurt the most, but rather the two weeks he spent in solitary confinement after the beating.

“Waiting there and them not letting me talk to my family, that was probably the worst part,” Sand said.

“I got a phone call that an inmate that left tracked me and his dad down that Jordan was beat up. So the next day I got on the phone and I wanted to know what happened and I wanted to see my son,” Cindy Sand, his mother, said.

Sheriff officials said they could not comment because of an on-going internal investigation; however the jail administrator did release a statement, which read, in part:

“The supervisor on duty began a preliminary review of the incident and on the following day reported the initial findings to his supervisor who instructed him to investigate the incident. As a result of the early findings it was determined that it would be appropriate to request a criminal review of the incident also. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau completed an investigation of the incident and forwarded the results of their investigation to the Elyria Prosecutor’s Office, who determined that an assault charge was appropriate for the incident that occurred.

At the same time a separate Internal Administrative Investigation was conducted, although the internal investigation is completed; due process is pending.

Officer Marlon Taylor was placed on paid Administrative Leave following notification of the findings by the Elyria Prosecutor’s Office, and was served with a summons for assault on today’s date, September 17th, 2012.”

“Charges have been filed against Marlon Taylor. He’s a corrections officer at the Lorain County Correctional Facility,” said Elyria Chief Prosecutor Matt Mishak.

However, Mishak would not go into details of the misdemeanor assault case.

“We believe that the elements of assault are there,” Mishak said.

Taylor has a previous conviction for disorderly conduct while intoxicated after a bar fight in Amherst in 2011.

“I’d like to see done what would happen to me if I was in his situation – I would be charged with aggravated assault and I would do a year or more in jail,” Jordan Sand said.

Taylor is due in court September 26.