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CLEVELAND (WJW) Winter weather is creating problems with the vaccine rollout in
Northeast Ohio. Local health departments are reporting a vaccine shortage caused by
delays due to winter storms.

The Lake County General Health District is out of vaccines. “We did not receive any shipment this week but we are expecting to get some next week, fingers crossed,” said Dan Lark with the health department.

According to Lark, the health department had enough vaccines to finish a couple of clinics this week Now, Lark is hoping the ripple effects of the 3-day shipping delay don’t stretch into next week.

“Without a delivery next week, we will have to start canceling and postponing some clinics next week,” said Lark. Lorain County Public Health also did not receive vaccine shipments this week.

“We have not gotten our delivery yet so that is making us a little nervous but so far we’ve been okay,” said Health Commissioner Dave Covell.

Covell says right now, they are moving forward with their next two clinics. “We have enough vaccines for those two.  If we don’t get more vaccines, the others next week we are going to have to cancel,” said Covell.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health also announced their shipment was delayed until next week, however, no future clinics are affected.

 However, a different situation at the Medina County Health Department. Friday, they announced the shipment delay has forced them to scale back their second dose clinic this weekend and reschedule appointments.