‘We need a miracle,’ Entire family tests positive for COVID-19, father in ICU

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WARREN (WJW)–A  couple months ago a Warren family  says they weren’t too concerned about the Coronavirus.

Irene Culetsu said she felt her family was safe.  She said she, her husband and two adult sons did not recently travel outside the United States. They all worked locally, she as a teacher, and her husband at the Trumbull County maintenance department.

“I figured we wouldn’t get the Coronavirus because we don’t do anything,” Irene told the Fox 8 I-Team. “We stay home, but boy was I wrong.”

She, her husband, her two sons Dino and Manoli, and Dino’s girlfriend, MaryFay Dimitriadis, all have tested positive for COVID-19.

It started around  March 15,  when her son Manoli, and her husband of 31 years, George, started coughing. At first, they thought it was just the “normal” cough George seems to get yearly but soon he developed a fever. He went to a drive-in test site on March 20 and was admitted to a hospital.

His oxygen levels were low and they  said he had pneumonia,” Irene said. “He got worse and last Wednesday they put him on a ventilator.”

On Friday they learned George tested positive for COVID-19.  The family then got tested and learned they too had the virus.  They are quarantined at home, while George remains hospitalized and in a medically induced coma.

“We need a miracle,” Irene said. “When he was very sick and they were worried about him not making it, they said only two people can go to see him. How could I choose which son would come up with me? I couldn’t so I had the priest came up with me.

They continue to call the hospital several times a day for an update.

“Not being able to hold  him, or talk to him is a nightmare, it’s a nightmare,” Irene said. “He needs a rotating bed to help him with his breathing and we are working with the doctors to try and get him one.”

The family says they are praying for everyone who has the Coronavirus and are asking for prayers for George. He is 67-years-old and has a birthday Friday.

“He is a good man,” Irene said.  “We are praying for George, asking God to answer our prayers and put his hands over him and heal him.”


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