Watch: What COVID-19 does to your lungs

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(CNN/WJLA) – A doctor at George Washington University Hospital is showing the damage COVID-19 does to your lungs.

Dr. Keith Mortman, Chief of Thoracic Surgery at the hospital,  has created a virtual rendering of lungs from a patient being treated at the hospital.

Dr. Keith Mortman told WJLA,  “This patient is a gentleman in his late 50s, who initially had a fever and a non productive cough like many other people.”

According to Dr. Mortman the patient’s symptoms progressed quite rapidly, to the point where he had to be  intubated and put on the ventilator.

WJLA reports Dr. Mortman worked with a company called Surgical Theater to create a 360 degree rendering that was based off the patient’s catscan. The rendering shows what the virus does to the human body.  The yellow color on the model is the lung being destroyed by coronavirus. 

Dr. Keith Mortman told WJLA,  “It’s quite alarming to see, in all honesty, because unlike your garden variety pneumonia that might affect only one small part of the lung or unlike the common flu, what you’re seeing in this video is really the widespread diffuse damage to the lung.”

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