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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — A group of volunteers from the University of Akron is lending a hand to students who may be struggling with online learning.

Education majors, Cheyenne Oechsle and Matthew Merksen, created a free homework hotline, which connects Akron area students in grades K-12 with tutors. They specialize in all kinds of subjects, including math and social studies.

“One [tutor] spent time teaching a student how to work with a protractor and obtuse angles. We also had someone working with an eleventh grade pre-calculus, something that I can’t help with, but I’m glad we have a qualified tutor to do that,” said Merksen.

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The organizers said the response has been overwhelming since the program was announced. Their list of tutors continues to grow and so does the demand.

“It’s great to see that everybody is taking the initiative, whether they want to be a student getting the assistance or they want to be a volunteer. I think that really goes to show that everybody can come together in times such as this,” said Oechsle.

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