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CLEVELAND (WJW) — As the news came that an experimental drug called remdesivir proved effective against coronavirus, researchers at University Hospitals in Cleveland were excited.

“I think this is a critical piece of the puzzle moving on from the Covid-19 epidemic. We are particularly excited about the remdesivir results because we have enrolled 53 patients in a companion trial comparing five days to 10 days of treatment,” said Dr. Daniel Simon, chief clinical officer and president of UH Cleveland Medical Center.

Results released Wednesday by government health officials showed the
drug reduced the recovery time by 31 percent or four days on average.

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“We sought out the Gilead trial very early. In fact, we are site 001 in the United States,” said Simon.

UH was not part of the government-sponsored study but one sponsored by
the manufacturer.

“We are comparing two different treatment durations. That’s very important.  If the FDA has accelerated approval, the next question will be do we have enough drug?  Our trial will have useful information to know if treating for five days is as effective as treating for 10 days,” said Simon.

UH has 53 patients enrolled in its studies. They are looking to enroll more.

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