University Hospitals expanding temperature monitoring device to healthcare workers

CLEVELAND (WJW) — University Hospitals is expanding the use of a small adhesive patch for their healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.
“Those healthcare workers who are on the front lines wear these temperature tracking devices and in a HIPAA compliant way, we’re able to remotely monitor their temperature,” said Dr. Ted Teknos, president and scientific director at the UH Seidman Cancer Center.
Fever is the first symptom listed by the CDC of COVID-19. This device consistently reports temperature data wirelessly every 10 seconds. “If they should spike a temperature even small increases in temperature are detected early and then we can identify them as potentially developing symptoms and take them off the front lines of healthcare.”
TempTraq, a product from Westlake-based company Blue Spark Technologies, was launched in 2015 and has been used successfully on patients at the Seidman Cancer Center. “We’ve done trials in the hospital with this device where we able to detect temperatures and fevers hours before a nurse would who goes into the room and manually checks the temperature,” said Teknos.
The single-use disposable patch is applied to the underarm area and can last for up to 72 hours. Teknos says the one healthcare workers will be using it for a shorter amount of time. “They’re active and they’re moving around we’ve opted instead to use it for a 24 hour period of time.”
The device is now offered across the University Hospitals system and Teknos says there is already a lot of interest from workers in the emergency departments and ICUs.
The user can also self-monitor with a mobile app.
As soon as a fever is detected, the caregiver will be removed from common areas immediately. They will then report to a supervisor who will call an internal COVID -19 hotline to determine the next steps of action according to UH.
Blue Spark CEO John Gannon says the characteristics of TempTraq helps maintain several safety measures when dealing with COVID 19.
“We have seen a significant spike in demand for TempTraq and we work very hard here as a team to increase our manufacturing capability.”
He says the announcement from UH underscores the community partnership of northeast Ohio’s healthcare system and local companies.
“Our employees here are very excited about the idea not only of us being able to help patients but in some small way be able to help health care providers.”
Teknos says the creativity and innovations he’s seeing from all parts of the healthcare industry has been inspiring. “It gives me great hope for what is to come after this

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