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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The I-TEAM has found a local businessman passing up a chance to cash in on the crisis over COVID-19. Instead, he’s helping to protect the people protecting you.

Ron Amburgey runs Name Brand Paints in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn section.

He’s giving away masks to Cleveland police officers to help keep them from getting infected with the coronavirus, and not just any masks, the N95 masks. They are the kind most in demand during the world health crisis and hardest to find.

“We went digging through the basement. Found some more cases of a couple thousand masks. Rather than put ‘em up for sale, I figured the first-responders would probably need ‘em,” Ron Amburgey said.

No doubt, Cleveland police could be at risk on every call, ending up face-to-face with so many people. And that’s not forgotten at Name Brand Paints, a family operation doing business on the west side for decades. Any officer can stop in for a mask any time.

“Kinda always been a fan of police and all they do. Just meant more to us to get these masks out there than to keep ‘em,” Amburgey added.

Think of how much money this businessman could be making by putting those masks on a shelf and selling them, so scarce and in such high demand. What’s being given away here could bring in thousands of dollars.

“It’s irrelevant for helping our first responders. They’re out here risking their lives for us,” he said.

Government leaders have put out call after call for people to donate protective equipment to emergency squads and others. And the folks at Name Brand Paints say they’ve donated more than 500 masks already. Making a difference one precious mask at a time.