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March 6, 2020

(WJW/AP) — 5:50 PM UPDATE: 21 people aboard a mammoth cruise ship off the California coast have tested positive for the new coronavirus, Vice President Mike Pence announced Friday, including 19 crew members.

Pence said the federal government is working with California officials on a plan to bring the ship to a non-commercial port this weekend and the 3,500 passengers and crew members will be tested for the virus.

Friday’s test results come amid evidence the vessel was the breeding ground for a deadly cluster of at least 10 cases during its previous voyage.

The Grand Princess ship has more than 3,500 people on board and is at sea off San Francisco, under orders to keep its distance from shore.

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2PM UPDATE: The Ohio Department of Health says there are still 0 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state.

There are now just 2 people awaiting test results. A third person’s results came back negative for coronavirus.

12:45 PM UPDATE: Health officials in Indiana have confirmed the state’s first coronavirus case.

According to our affiliate FOX 59, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced the new case during a news conference Friday. He has also declared a public health emergency in the state.

The Indiana State Health Commissioner says the case involved an Indiana resident who recently traveled to Boston and interacted with people who had been exposed to COVID-19.

The patient’s symptoms included a low-grade fever, sore throat and cough. He reportedly knew he had potentially been exposed to the virus and was watching for symptoms. He is not considered in the “highest risk” category.

The patient is currently staying in an isolated quarantine and will remain there for at least 14 days or until he tests negative for COVID-19 two days in a row. The man had self-isolated prior to his positive test result.

Indiana state officials say no other patients or caregivers have been exposed to the virus. The patient reportedly ” did everything possible” to limit exposure of the virus to anyone else.

12 PM UPDATE: Cases of coronavirus are nearing 100,000 around the world.

The latest numbers from the World Health Organization show there are 97,003 confirmed cases and 3,381 deaths.

However, many people point out the 18,000 deaths from influenza and want to know why the concern about the coronavirus seems so extreme.

The key number here is the mortality rate.

According to the WHO, the coronavirus kills 3.4% of patients.

On average, the seasonal flu kills .1% people infected.

According to the CDC, the Spanish flu killed under 3% of those infected.

There is also no vaccine and humans haven’t developed a natural immunity because the virus is new.

Because the development of a vaccine can take so long, “Public health measures are what we are going to need to focus on for the foreseeable future,” according to NIH policy advisor Dr. Hilary Marston.

That is why the focus on includes basics like washing your hands and covering your cough, as well as more disruptive things like closing schools, canceling public gatherings and implementing quarantines for those who may have been exposed.

New details on virus impact

  • President Trump is expected to sign an $8.3 billion measure to provide money for vaccines, tests and potential treatments for the coronavirus
  • WHO’s Director-General calls on countries to “pull out all the stops” and get hospitals ready
  • Ohio is one of six states that doesn’t currently have a lab in place to test for the coronavirus, according to the CDC
Coronavirus Cases by State
Map based on state departments of health as of March 6.