Special delivery for local medical professionals on the front lines


CLEVELAND (WJW)- Special deliveries are being made to local hospital workers on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus.

Feed the Frontline Cleveland is delivering snacks and handwritten notes to caregivers throughout Northeast Ohio, including drop-offs at University Hospitals and Euclid Hospital Monday.

The message is simple.

“Your community supports you. We wanted to show that to the caregivers. It’s about more than a snack. It’s more about sending a message of solidarity. Showing our appreciation but also that your community is backing you up during this time,” said founder Bridget Mahovlic Jammoul, who was inspired by other similar efforts around the globe.

The group’s GoFundMe page has already raised more than $1,000 through community donations. Stores including Costco and Giant Eagle and a local coffee shop have also made donations to help, according to Jammoul. Donors can include a personal message to caregivers.

“They’ll email us a note a couple of sentences long, and then we’ll write those on heart cutouts,” Jammoul said.

She said the seemingly small symbol of support has been greatly appreciated by caregivers working under stressful conditions.

“It was eye-opening, because here I’m thinking it’s such a small thing we’re doing and it’s the least we can do. And when the nurses came out they were crying, happy tears of course, but crying nonetheless, so I start crying,” Jammoul said. “It just tells me that Clevelanders want to rally behind Cleveland.”

Deliveries to Ahuja Medical Center, Marymount Hospital and Akron General Hospital are planned for this week.

You can learn more and help by clicking here

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