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CLEVELAND (WJW) — A chilly fall day in Northeast Ohio means that somewhere there is football, whether it’s high school or college. But, COVID-19 has made it a whole new game.

“After consultation with the board of trustees, officials, presidents and directors within our conference and trusted colleagues across the country, we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that conducting sports safely is just not possible at this time,” said Oberlin College president Carmen Twillie Ambar.

She and the school’s athletic director announced that fall sports at Oberlin were canceled. Not only does that mean football but soccer, field hockey and cross country.

The decision also impacts Oberlin High School, who plays their home games at the college field.

“We don’t believe we could put together a framework to conduct a sports season that requires such high contact this fall, and it would place our athletes at a risk that we found unacceptable,” she said.

Oberlin isn’t alone, Case Western Reserve University has also canceled all fall sports due to the same reason.

However, fall sports for high schools are still on here in Ohio.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association has released a set of guidelines for safety.

Spokesman Tim Stried said a lot of the decisions about how to respond to COVID-19 rests with the individual districts.

“Some schools will shut down the whole team, others will remove the player who was affected and continue to play. Right now, it is a decision that is being made locally and many districts have different ways to deal with that scenario,” he explained.


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